The history of TRYRM

TRYRM was formed from the ashes of 2013 TEST with Sajuukthanatoskhar being exiled from Martyr's Vengence after deciding to not go with MV to Nulli Secunda. TRYRM was founded with the blessings of, at the time TEST Leader, SkierX and proceeded to research various reasons why FCs go insane. The careful research done revealed that Fleet Commaningitus was a real affliction that makes many a fleet commander go insane after a few weeks of winning with fleets. A vaccine was invented and made the new fleet commanders of TEST realise they aren't hot shit and gave them autism. This was considered a TEST miracle and for her efforts, Tobreko, was promoted to Director of Sobana Affairs to ensure research into the topic could be done up to this very day.

In addition to Fleet Commaningitus, Sajuukthanatoskhar led the fight against Sovola in 2014 after Aura Ikku contracted the deadly affliction and led to the blockade of all Imperial Guardian held stations in Samurai Syndicate space. However, the quarantine failed and [I G] members were seen trying to leave the stations and thus they were kicked from [HONOR] and the stations were purged with holy dreadnought flame. Sajuukthanatoskhar was fleet commanding one of the quarantine fleets

We were sitting around, telling the IG (sic) members to stay in their hangars and not move, but too many undocked at once and I knew we had to immolate them in holy TEST flames. May they RIP in Peace.

In 2015, Sajuukthanatoskhar opened up recruitment of TRYRM to the general public and accepted players from BRAVE as they were undergoing the most drama-fuelled ten coups that not even the United States could pull off. Many answered the Sobana call and joined up with TRYRM as they lived in Wicked Creek, and bided their time. During this period, Sajuukthanatoskhar and Tobreko perfected the doctrine called 'Windrunner Tornados' after its conception by Securitas Protector. This important discovery allowed TEST Australian Timezone Fleets to take on forces many times bigger than they. It is also very annoying to those who have to fly against it.

Now the current year is 2016 and TRYRM was present in the reclamation of VFK from Goonswarm Federation and ceremoniously gave it to TEST, unofficially winning World War Bee and breaking Dungarmatic in general jabber. Sajuukthanatoskhar and his GMT +10'ish Squad stand ready against the horrors of Geminate and the Super blob that is Northern Coalition. and Pandemic Legion, waiting for their next moment of glory.

VFK is ours! Send the post card to the forums, Destrier. AUTZ TEST did what USTZ TEST could not!